Chapels in Karpathos

There are hundreds of chapels in Karpathos island.
You can find these chapels in many places - in villages, on the slopes of the surrounding hills, in the valleys, and also on the top of the highest mountains. Many of them are several hundred years old, and many still house byzantine frescoes. Some chapels are open to public, but some are kept locked and you will have to hunt for the key in the nearest village. The sacred chapels reflect the religious character of Karpathos through the ages.

Let us introduce you some chapels in Karpathos!

Greek chapel at Achata beach
Chapel at Achata beach

Greek chapel in Menetes village
Chapel over Menetes village

Greek chapel at Amoopi
Chapel at Amoopi

Greek chapel in Karpathos, near Stes
Chapel at Stes

Agia Kyriaki KarpathosAgia Kyriaki near Pigadia

Stairs to chapel of Olympos
Chapel near Olympos

Greek chapel in Olympos, Karpathos island
Chapel on the top of Olympos

Greek chapel near Lakki
Chapel near Lakki

Agios Theodoros chapel
Agios Theodoros chapel, near Arkasa

Chapel in Finiki
Chapel in Finiki

Greek chapel Pigadia
Agia Karai near Pigadia

Karpathos chapel in mountains
Chapel close to Aperi

Orthodox greek chapel Karpathos
Chapel in south Karpathos

Ag. Loukas chapel near Apella
Ag. Loukas chapel, near Apella beach

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